Turnbull Coat of Arms flies above Town Hall in Hawick, Scotland

The TCA flag is made up of a single bull’s head and an unbroken Celtic chain.

After a moving service in the Bedrule Kirk, people gathered behind the church on the remains of the Bedrule Castle, once a Turnbull stronghold. Here, Wally Turnbull spoke to the crowd, talking about the importance of heritage and fraternity. At this time, William Trimble of West Richland, WA was officially commissioned by Wally to raise the arms. The ceremony was concluded by Charlie Turnbull playing the pipes.

Charlie Turnbull, Lilliesleaf piper, closes the official raising of the arms above the original Bedrule Castle site.

Charlie also piped for the raising of the Turnbull Flag at the original Turnbull gathering 30 years ago.

Collin and Cassidy Torrey proudly wave the arms from the top of Fatlips