janetJanet Turnbull Schwierkingwas chosen Clanswoman of the Year 2002, because she took on a burden which was monumental in task, and little appreciated by anyone unless they were involved with the work. As membership secretary, she was able to construct membership profiles, from some very weak data sources, and by so doing she was able to make most members feel that they were part of an active group, when in effect it was a group that was just re-starting from Dorothy's administration. It is this membership list which has allowed Betty to put the Birthdays in the Bullseye, and also, other data which could be accessed for other information. She received a Bulova Watch from President, John G. Turnbull.

JanetCLAN PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD being presented to Janet T. Schwierking by Clan President John G. Turnbull and Dana Turnbull Hoyer