lee francis turnbull 2010
Lee F. Turnbull proudly accepts the 2010 Clan Member of the Year Award from Turnbull Clan Association President, Rhet Turnbull. Lee of Merrimack, NH, received the award for his continued dedication to the Turnbull Clan and his life time of service not only to TCA but to his community.

Each year the officers of Turnbull Clan Association use the Annual General Meeting as a time to name the Clan Member of the Year. This year’s AGM was held in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire which meant that this year’s recipient of the award was close to home. TCA president, Rhet Turnbull, was pleased to present the Clan Member of the Year Award to Lee Turnbull of Merrimack, New Hampshire.
Lee is a descendent of the Turnbulls of Rossie, NY (www.rossie.nhturnbulls.org for more). He is a very active member of his church and volunteers at the Shiloh Retreat Center. He has lived a life of community service, much of which has been devoted to Turnbull Clan Association. Lee has assisted with tent hosting at the New Hampshire Highland Games for as long as he can remember. It was a great privilege for TCA President, Rhet Turnbull, to present Lee Francis Turnbull with the Clan Member of the Year Award.