clan member2013“In recognition of his outstanding service and dedication to the Turnbull Clan Association and its membership, it is my honor and privilege to present this year’s Clan Member of the Year Award to Dale R. Hilding,” Wally Turnbull, President.
Dale and his wife Mary Kay Hilding have been Turnbull Clan tent hosts and supporting TCA since 2000. Dale is best known for the 100 lbs of chain mail armour that he sports during the games. These games very often take place in hot and humid weather. As friend and Turnbull Clan Vice President of Events William C. Trimble said, “It is fitting that Dale receive this award, after all, who else walks around wearing 110 pounds of armour in 110 degree weather representing his clan.”
In addition to representing TCA and sharing the Turnbull heritage so well, Dale is well respected outside of TCA. He volunteers his services to many organizations and can always be counted on to lend a hand.
Congratulations and thank you to Dale R. Hilding, Turnbull Clan Association Clan Member of the Year. (Dale and Mary Kay were not able to attend the Richmond games. William C. Trimble presented them with the award at their home.)