Gemma Member of the yearThe Clan Member of the Year Award for 2014 was presented to Gemma (honorary Turnbull) Barnard. Gemma grew up in the Borders and spent much of her youth climbing up to Fatlips Castle. When she saw the Castle that she loved so much begin to fall into disrepair, she started a campaign to restore the castle. This awareness of the state of the castle did indeed after many years result in the restoration of Fatlips Castle. Gemma was also working closely with Norman Turnbull with his dream of building the Bedrule Castle Cairn. After Norman’s death, she took on the project. Without her dedicated service from working with authorities, to gathering stone, finding a mason to build the Cairn and overseeing the project, the Turnbull Bedrule Castle Cairn would have died with Norman’s dreams.
The Turnbull Clan is indebted to Gemma not only for what she has done for the Clan but for all she has accomplished in keeping the buildings and history of the Borders alive.
Gemma currently resides in Bonchester Bridge. Her dream job is to find funding to restore towerhouses, castles and old buildings in the Borders.