norman mountainsNorman L. Turnbull, the recipient of the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, dedicated his last years to recording the history of the Turnbull Clan. Norman’s widow, Terri Booth Turnbull, received the award posthumously.
Norman Turnbull, born June 30, 1942 in Edinburgh, Scotland, grew up on a farm, loving the outdoors. As a young adult Norman served his country well in the Royal Air Force. When his career was ended after 12 years due to damage to his eardrums, Norman successfully ran a garage for several years. Yearning for the outdoor life he loved, he sold that business and became a shepherd, where he said, “For once in my life, I felt at peace.” After retirement, Norman was introduced to the Turnbull Clan Association and was made the Clan’s Schenachie or record keeper. He took his position very seriously and documented much of the Borders’ and Turnbull history. It was during this time that Norman met his beloved Terri. Terri and Norman were married in 2012 by Clan President Wally Turnbull in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, USA. Norman’s dedication to the Turnbull Clan, including his “birthing” of the Turnbull Bedrule Castle Cairn, his documenting the Turnbull Trails and recording of early history will never be forgotten. It has earned him a place as a John F. Turnbull Lifetime Achievement recipient. The first recipient of the award was Myra Turnbull, who worked tirelessly with her husband founding the Turnbull Clan Association.

The John F. Turnbull Lifetime Achievement Award is not an annual award. This award, dedicated to the founder of Turnbull Clan Association, is given very rarely for recognition of outstanding service and dedication to the Turnbull Clan Association and its members.

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