I want to take this opportunity with my first column as TCA President to introduce myself and reflect on this past year. My name is Rhet  Turnbull. I’m 36 years old and an officer in the United States Air Force. My lovely bride Sarah and I have been married for 12 years and have two children, Vivian, age 7, and Camden, age 4. We live near Omaha, Nebraska. I’m an avid runner and also enjoy reading and computers.
Wow! What a year to be a Turnbull. In 2009 hundreds of Turnbulls from around the world returned to our ancestral homeland in the Scottish Borders to celebrate our common heritage. We saw the Turnbull flag flying above the Town Hall in Hawick and witnessed the unveiling of the magnificent Turning of the Bull monument. Who would have imagined that a small clan from the Borders would one day receive such honors? All the accomplishments of this past year have been made possible by the vision and dedication of members of Turnbull Clan Association who are committed to preserving our shared legacy. All of us benefit from the hard work of these passionate volunteers.
I know that each of us appreciates Turnbull Clan Association, but have you ever stopped to think about what it takes to make TCA run? The Bullseye needs to be compiled and edited, the website needs updating, someone has to collect the dues and raise funds for projects like the monument and the arms, somebody has to send out letters to new members. Others write articles for the Bullseye while some help members research their genealogy. Many members host game tents at Highland Games around the country to teach people about the Turnbulls and promote TCA. Our association exists for the members but it also exists because of the members.
As I start my term of service as a TCA officer, my hope is that each of us will be inspired by the labors of our fellow members to continue doing great things for Turnbulls world wide. We’ve been blessed by dedicated members such as Wally Turnbull, Janet Turnbull Schwierking, and Bill Trimble who have given their time & effort to serve as TCA officers. To them, we say Thank-You! They helped to make 2009 an amazing year for all Turnbulls. Bill, Brian, Christine, and I will do our best to do the same for 2010 and, with your help, I know we can do it!

turnbull rhet familySarah, Vivian, Camden and Rhet Turnbull