Aidan-2Aidan Turnbull, in one of those rare moments, captured in the present.Living in the very south of the UK in Chichester, Aidan Turnbull(50) works as the Executive Editor and chief writer on four top national magazines – Middle East Power, American Independent Power, Independent Power Asia - and one international publication - Worldwide Independent Power, which circulates in 153 countries worldwide, for the Global Media Publishing corporation. He is also editor of the UK Power News newspaper. All the titles are concerned with energy generation, windpower, photovoltaic, tidal power and biofuels He holds a BA(Hons) in English Lit & Medieval Drama.

BattleAidan Turnbull takes on three oponents at once. He’s been practising hard this year as he has several battles coming up. Last year, Aiden broke two fingers after hitting his opponent in the head (The opponent was wearing a steel helmet at the time.)As well as taking part in active combat - a high-risk full body contact activity - (he owns a full suit of replica armour and has been engaging in broadsword, dagger and polearm fighting for around 15 years) Aidan has a special interest in Medieval Toilet & Sewer Technology and has published several serious history papers on stomach parasites and coprolite analyses which shed light on the human dietary deficiencies and conditions of the 15th Century. He has also written extensively on musculoskeletal combat injuries and activity-related wear found on Medieval skeletal remains (12th-15th Century). “My abiding interest in skeletons and the somewhat yukky side of life is probably why I am such a big hit at parties - not!” he explains somewhat ruefully.

Dr Poo2Affectionally known in some circles as Dr. Poo, one of Aidan’s specialties is in stomach parasite disorders. Above, he holds a sample of fake “poo” during one of his demonstrations.He has written and lectured on aspects of 15th Century history at a number of castles, sites and colleges in the UK. He comments: “Today, most of my family live in the town of Barnard Castle in County Durham, a mere 92 miles from Bedrule, the ‘Turnbull Homeworld’ located on the Scottish Borders. What this means is that in the last millennia or so - in fact as long as the Turnbull name has appeared in records - our family members have actually travelled a less-than-impressive 10 feet per century!”
In his spare time he is Siege Commander for PELICAN- IN-HER-PIETY - a 30-strong public-friendly group of medieval history enthusiasts united by common aims: to research and re-enact high standard Late Medieval Living History in a lively manner, and to share their passion for history with visitors of all ages. Group members are always keen to interact with the public and positively encourage the asking of questions.

The Pelicans maintain an encampment which conveys to visitors a vivid impression of life in 15th Century England, a heady mix of costumes, sights, sounds and smells. Cooking over wood fires, recreating authentic dishes; & baking bread, churning butter, straining cheeses, the 30-strong group presents a picture of real people busying themselves with everyday tasks, working wool, net-making, rush-weaving, dipping candles. With the unrest of the Wars of the Roses rippling across Britain, men-at-arms and archers practise and prepare for combat. Pelicans currently display at a variety of sites in the S.E. England and in Europe The Group’s regular clients include: English Heritage: Dover Castle, Wrest Park, Carisbrooke Castle. Chiltern Open Air Museum, The Sussex Archaeological Trust: Michelham Priory, Kent County Council: Tonbridge Castle, Shorne Wood Country Park, Thurnham Castle, Canterbury College, Kent Valley of Visions, Sussex Past, and Weald & Downland Open Air Museum.

 W1  W7.MedieavalFood
 Members of Pelican-In-Her-Piety prepare food 15th century style. Medieval food demonstation. 
 W4.TonbridgeCastleCampsite  W8.MedievalCookingRange
 The medieval campsite. The kitchen - a replica of medieval times.