In March of each year the town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders will again step back in time to the mid 1500’s and will re-create the sites and sounds of this turbulent period – so important in the town’s history. Through drama, music and song the town will allow the visitor to experience the truth of life in the 16th century, a period of hardship and violence, of family against family and nation against nation, a period which did much to shape the character of the modern day Borderer and his relatives throughout the world.


The Union of the Crowns brought an end to lawlessness with many of the perpetrators given the option of death or forever leaving the Borderlands. Armstrongs, Elliots, Johnstons and Turnbulls to name but a few set off to settle in Ireland and further afield, making their mark on the “New World.” This year’s festival, the 5th such event will coincide with the opening of a new Family History Centre in Hawick. This state of the art facility will allow access to Border archives and records, to assist the researcher (both experienced and beginner) to trace their family history in the heart of the Border Country.
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