Some of you may already know our famous cousin Aidan Turnbull of the UK. Aidan and his family are very active in the recreation of medieval battles throughout Europe. So active, he deserves his own section for the pictures and wonderful accounts of the battle once it's over. If anyone is ever interested - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">get in touch with him for more details.


turnbull clanSeptember 29, 2001 was the first day of the 4-day CASTLE RONNEBURG MEDIEVAL PAGEANT, about 50km outside Frankfurt, Germany, at the ancient castle of Schloss Ronneburg (see its website - event .

The TURNBULL contingent from the MEDIEVAL SIEGE SOCIETY has been hand-picked to compete against fighters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

" Let's not kid ourselves that we TURNBULLS show great technical skill - We were picked out of 400 members because we have a reputation of being the meanest, cruellest and most evil fighters when it comes to hand-to-hand combat with medieval weapons. Well...that - and the fact that we had up-to-date passports, actually!" confesses AIDAN TURNBULL, titular head of the fighting Turnbull Branch in the UK.

"I attach a jpeg of all us TURNBULLS looking mean and evil at this year's HERSTMONCEUX CASTLE fight. You can see me on the far left standing at the back.Because I fight as a man-at-arms (the equivalent of a 'grunt' in US Army terms) I am quite 'low status' in medieval terms. I find I prefer to be fighting directly in the Front Line with polearm weapons, rather than loitering at the back with the high-status Knights.

"However, I remain 'top dog' for the Turnbull family in terms of organisation, savage cunning and general

"Anyone who wants to come along and watch us wickedly knock SEVEN BELLS out of the opposition is welcome to visit Castle Ronneburg, Frankfurt. Unfortunately, actually BEING a Turnbull isn't enough to excuse you from having to pay their Entrance Money charges." (I'm sure those mean Scot's genes reside in us all)

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