adrianaThe following is summarized and extracted from a handwritten memorandum in a hand-drawn genealogical tree of the Mexican branch of the Turnbull family: “From 1720 to 1920:” Andrew Turnbull, M.D. was founder of the American branch of the family. He studied medicine in Paris where he met the lady who became his wife, Gracia Dura Bin, a Greek by birth.

Gracia had been educated in Paris and was famous by her great beauty besides being most accomplished and an excellent wife and mother. She was most noticed at court by Queen Charlotte, as she spoke German which few ladies then did…Dr. Turnbull is mentioned by the Abbé Reynal in his “History of the East and West Indies” with encomium as “Le sage Turnbull."

About 1754 he emigrated to America, having received a grant from the British Government entitling him to large tracts in Florida where he lived and where most of his family was born. Of his sons, Elliott Bay came from England to Mexico with a mining company to work mines in the State of Oaxaca and there he met the lady who afterwards became his wife.”

My line starts with one of the Turnbulls, who did not go to Oaxaca, but to my home State of Veracruz, where another love story began this way: When my ancestor graduated from the university, his parents wanted to give him a gift. Having studied mining, he asked his parents to send him to Mexico to further his education since there were many silver mines in that country. He traveled all around and spent the night before he was to sail back to Europe at the port of Veracruz, on the East coast of Mexico. It is a warm and humid climate and in the evening he stepped out onto the balcony of his hotel room to enjoy the cooler air.

Across the street, the windows were also open and illuminated. He couldn’t help but notice a beautiful young lady. He was so taken by her that he did not sail the next
day but asked to be introduced to her and her family. That introduction led to a romance and when he did sail back, it was to ask permission to marry. His parents were not happy with the idea but agreed as long as he returned when his first child was born. This promise was never fulfilled. He remained in Mexico to his death. And that is how my line
began. I am the granddaughter of another beautiful lady of Veracruz, Leonor Turnbull Bouchez. If I write out all my names and surnames I am Leonor Adriana Rosado Muñoz Osorio Turnbull.

Below is a porcelain doll I commissioned as a little replica of our warriors.

turnbull doll