Sheet music by Pipe Major Charles Turnbull

Notes:  This tune was composed at Bordon in 1925. Maj. Gen. Sir James Burnett of Leys was commissioned into the Regiment in 1899, served in the Boer War and was a gallant Commanding Officer to the 1st Battalion at Arras in 1917. He commanded the 2nd Battalion from 1922-1925 and was to become Colonel of the Regiment form 1939-1947. A railway enthusiast, countryman and horticulturist, who owned Crathes Castle on Deeside, he was also a good drummer and took a great interest in the Drums and Pipes.

Charles Turnbull was a favorite pupil of GS McLennan.  In the years after the First World War P.M. Turnbull used to take McLennan’s sons, George and John, walking 'miles' in the area about the beautiful Brig O'Balgownie which is over the River Don beyond Old Aberdeen. John who had inherited his father's piping gift sadly was killed in France in 1940. The tune,  The Auld Brig’ O’Balgowie was named in memory of those happy walks many years ago.